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LED Smart Stage Technology

One-of-a-kind LED Technology takes innovation to new heights.
LED systems & walls allow for the creation of real-time, reactive environments that perfectly sync with the camera.
Create huge immersive sets limited only by imagination, not budget.
These ultra-high-resolution LED screens wrap around the sets, enveloping hosts in any location imaginable.
BitFire Studios makes this cutting edge technology accessible to a broader range of clients and projects.

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LED stage with cameras calibration overlay LED stage with cameras industrial scene LED stage with cameras and a desert scene
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Sound Stages

Over 2,500 square feet of stages backed by cutting edge broadcast technology.
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Control Rooms

Exceedingly well equipped and operated by an unparalleled engineering team.
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Edit & Graphics

Harnessed with the latest in technology with the ability to integrate live or post.
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Support Suites

A huge production and podcast suite as well as thoughtfully furnished hair, makeup, wardrobe and green rooms.
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Two in-house production companies at your fingertips helping to bring your project to completion.
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A world-class video & data transmission company with industry exclusive support...built in.
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